New Marketing Technologies
for Marketing Managers of the future

This event addresses how to apply technology to the entire range of marketing efforts – from market sizing to sales – to demonstrate the strategic relevance of technology in virtually every marketing endeavor.

In a world where marketing professionals are held accountable for results, the ability to apply latest technology to manage or enable entirely new marketing activities, is a critical competitive advantage.

Technologies applied to marketing activities such as

  • Market sizing and trend analysis
  • Segment identification, targeting, and positioning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analytics-based strategy selection
  • Forecasting, predictive analytics and data mining
  • Product/service, price, distribution, promotion, sales analytics

The event is entirely vendor neutral. All companies are welcome.

Pure sales pitches are not allowed. Presentations must be done in the context of how they were applied in large projects.

Live demos of software technologies are encouraged.

Organized by:

Event Location Last Event

Au Premier

Bahnhofplatz 15,
8001 Zürich


  • Tutorial:
    Observations on new marketing technology trends originating from the US
    • What are current marketing technology trends in the US?
    • What are preferred tools and who are preferred technology providers?
    • How are these tools used? Sample use cases.
    • When will these technologies be required in Switzerland?
  • Marketing technology vendors live demos
    • SimilarWeb, market intelligence solution, from Tel Aviv, $ 112 million total funding
    • ...
  • Marketing technology projects in Switzerland
  • Discussion, Networking & Apéro

Ralf Haller

Ralf Haller's 20 year IT career has spanned various marketing and business development roles, based on his training as an electrical engineer and masters in Telecommunication Systems (Karlsruhe Technology Institute).

His career started while at university, when he took an assistant role in the USA. Later, he excelled as an IT project manager for large key account clients at CompuNet in Munich and also worked in Hong Kong supporting the Asian region.

This prompted his move to Silicon Valley where he lived for many years, working as a Product Manager for successful startups building datacommunication equipment.

Since 2001, Ralf provides product marketing support and has organised specialist IT events in Switzerland that explore current IT trends and introduce the Swiss market to new and pioneering technologies from Silicon Valley.

Owing to his strong links with Silicon Valley, the Swiss cantons rely on him as a valued advisor for fresh and exciting startup activities emerging from there.

Ralf is also the organizer of international high-tech, innovation, entrepreneurship and business events in Switzerland, among them:

He is also founder of the first High-Tech Connect Suisse association encouraging high-tech business development.

In his free time he loves spending high-quality time with his family, and doing fitness sports and intelligence training to keep fit physically and mentally. He is eager and open to always try out new things.

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