All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. - Earl Nightingale

Tech Trend Events
The technology trend events (about 15 per year) that we organize are highly focused events that can only be visited on invitation by the target groups, as a sponsor or as a Hightech Connect Association member.
The topics are updated constantly but some of the events run for more than a dozen times already.
If you are working for a large Swiss company or organisation and have to do with one of these tech trend topics you will either receive an invitation or you can also apply for a free entrance ticket.
In case you want to sponsor an event please contact us and we will discuss further details.

Innovation Ecosystem Events
The Innovation ecosystem events bring the worldwide leading areas to Switzerland.
These are Silicon Valley, Israel and China. For each of these regions we attract some of the most innovative startups and technology powerhouses to talk about latest trends and their future plans. These events can be attended by everybody paying an entrance fee.
They are very popular and often sold out months in advance.
In case you want to sponsor these events please contact us for further details.

Marketing, Business Development and Strategy Services for high-tech companies
Why can we do this?
- international work expertise in China, US and Europe.
- know from first-hand experience what works and what might not.
- understand global high-tech market success requirements.
- can open doors to large potential customers, partners and investors.
- will adapt to your needs and get engaged in operational tasks.
- learn every moment and enjoy it.

Product Marketing
We offer a range of product marketing support services like:
- Writing content for brochures, whitepapers, presentations
- We also offer to manage and moderate customized events (focus on the content)
- Conduct market and product requirements analysis

Trips to Silicon Valley, Israel, China
We organize trips to these leading innovation ecosystem regions. These trips are often highly customized for specific purposes like attracting startups from Silicon Valley to open an EMEA headquarter in Switzerland. But we also do focused trips on specific subjects. If you want to know more please contact us.

Hightech Connect Association
The Hightech Connect Association – - includes all our events and other activities. Members have the chance to attend trend events that are otherwise only accessible on invitation.